Junior New System in High Heels 100% BEST PERFORMANCE Semifinals 1 America’s Got Talent 2018 AGT

This is the male dance troupe that dances with heels. Howie thinks they should dance in heels for the full routine. They were almost cut at the semis, so they plan to change it up with…stunts! They being in heels and shorts. And there’s lots of tumbling! They toss their heels halfway through. Howie is not going to like that. I like the way these dudes meld the masculine with the feminine, but maye they should have kept the heels on longer. Mel B loves this group. “This has to be your best performance ever!” Simon adds, “That’s what we call a semifinal performance.” Heidi calls the performance, “explosive.” Oh. Howie thinks they listened to him. “Start with the heels,” he said. I thought he said the non-heels portion of the performance was boring? 

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