Justice With Judge Jeanine Pirro 3-24-18

 Judge Jeanine Pirro Show

"The omnibus bill that Republicans gave President Donald J. Trump yesterday is a total betrayal of him and those who elected him."

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Anthony Manno Trump didn't have to sign it. He could have worked to defeat it before the vote, but he chose not to. A true deal maker would have been negotiating with Congress to get a better deal, but he chose not to negotiate with them at all. Why? He has shown that his claim of being a deal maker is false.

Jeff Hodson Sr. He's still doing pretty good considering the media , democrats , Washington establishment , rino's and the democrat lights are against him . He can fix the Military up with this Bill and then get back on track next years Bill but he needs to get rid more of the swamp people especially in his own party .

Kasey N Jason Just so all you trump supporters know. You can talk all the ridiculousness you want about dems and repubs but at the end of the day TRUMP signed that bill too. Also please educate yourselves a little more. It's really sad.

Jonathan Youngson But an omnibus bill is different than a Federal budget. With a Federal budget, funds are specifically earmarked and that's the end of the story. An omnibus bill merely allocates a lump sum and reccomends where to spend the money. The president still has final say how the money is spent and how much goes to each. This is how Obama got everything he wanted in his 8 years. Because Congress never passed an actual budget.

Paul Berry Did Trump just get a huge amount of funding for the military? Such a huge amount of funding that only 4% could fund the whole WALL? Now this bill states Trump can't build the prototype of his wall but nothing says America's Commander In Chief can't order the Military to build a defensive wall he won't even need Congressional approval because it's not a act of war.

Paul Kelly Which is exactly what the Republican leadership wanted. They don't like having to deal with an outsider any more than do the Democrats and colluded with them to produce this atrocity. Now, all he has to do is spend as he chooses, given it's not actually a budget, but only a CR.

Melissa Hull Not really or he would have vetoed it. We gained a lot from this temporary 6 month spending bill. It is not a budget bill it is an omnibus, people are freaking out for nothing and the MSM just keeps spinning it. Its meaning he can discresionalrily spend as he see fit. Slow walk anything he wants and use it for leverage to get his appointees in office and quit the stalling. Trump us way smarter than anyone thinks. All the dems did was hand him the rope to hang them with.

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