Judge Jeanine Pirro 9/15/2019 : To Dems, you’re guilty until proven innocent

Senator Feinstein's handling of Kavanaugh letter shows complete disregard for truth, justice and the American way.


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When will the average American wake up and realize we are at war in America? When will the good people speak out and stand opposed to those responsible for this? 8 years of liberal rhetoric, democrats siding with criminals over cops, illegals over citizens, refugees over security, activist judges, the left attacking and making a mockery of our nations laws and convincing the useful idiots that those who want our laws enforced are the enemy has caused our society to become increasingly lawless and dangerous. Its time to lay the blame where it belongs. Its time the good people stopped associating with, accepting being friends with, employing, or enabling the part of society that is permissive, emboldening or on the side of Americas enemy as defined below. Liberals in this country are out of control. They are lawless uncivilized insurgents. Sooner or later I fear they will cross a line that will end up sparking a redefining conflict in this country. Liberals are truly the trade union for America's malignancies. Thugs, criminals, illegals, radicals and freaks all banded together to support and conceal each other’s bad acts by electing Democrats to obstruct the enforcement of laws broken by their membership. If its malignant, it votes democrat. When liberals rule. criminals drool. When the model liberal city of NY can designate a known murderous terrorist as the honoree of a parade it is not hard to see the direction of the left. To deny that there is one party that unites America's malignancies under one umbrella is to deny reality and is indicative of a true mental illness! In conflicts between criminals and cops, democrats choose criminals. In questions of illegals over citizens, democrats choose illegal refugees over citizens. They fight every attempt to secure elections from fraud, to secure our borders, and return to a lawful society. Current Democrats are the largest Organized Crime Syndicate and threat to these United States the Country has ever known! They are more of a threat to America than: North Koreans, Russians, Iranians, and Islamic Terrorist.

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