Judge Jeanine Pirro Opening Statement 2018 March 24th

Judge Jeanine Pirro Opening Statement on March 24th, 2018

Judge Jeanine Pirro Opening Statement 2018 

"The omnibus bill that Republicans gave President Donald J. Trump yesterday is a total betrayal of him and those who elected him." — Judge Jeanine Pirro

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Thomas Mongero Trump knows what he is doing. First of all, this is an omnibus bill. Its not a budget. Its merely suggestions. The president can implement parts or all of it when he wants, just like Obama did. Its only good till Sept. Trump needed to shore up the military first. Obama has put our.military in shambles by cutting $$ badly needed. First things first. He will get it done. Its not time to panic. We must keep voting in repubs, and new ones at that.

James Muzic I'm a trump supporter.. But TRUMP didn't have to sign this bill.. He could have vetoed it! But he signed it anyway because,he says he didn't want to be the blame for a government shut down! But signing.. he gave the Dems big gun control measures!! And planned parenthood 500,000,000 dollars! Both he promised he would not do!! And thousands of pages of unread bill that could have anything in it! This is poor leadership! Sorry and love Judge Jeanine Pirro Opening Statement 2018 

Joe Engeln Trump was so embarrassed he didn’t even sign it in front of the press like every other major bill. Sad. They took it off the table before he entered the room. Mess

Mark M Smith The omnibus bill is not a budget  our President must adhere to a budget passed by congress. Our President can choose where the omnibus bill money goes….if General Mattis decides that wall is in our best interest for national security then we can use some defense funding to build that wall 🙂 The omnibus bill is a guide not a budget. How do you think Obama paid Iran 1.7 billion? He used discretionary spending of his omnibus bill just like President Trump can use discretionary spending to build the wall with his omnibus bill  Our President is brilliant  Thanks Congress for giving our President lots of leeway on spending

Joseph Goody According to Congressman Peter king of Long IsLand NY the President with his White house Staff followed the negotiations every step of the way. He said the President urged Congress to pass this bill. What's the truth here? This was a terrible bill and gave everything to Left wing causes. No Wall but plenty of money for Sanctuary cities and Abortion clinics. He should of Vetoed this bill which nobody read.

Jonathan Youngson

Judge Jeanine Pirro Opening Statement 2018  thank you, But an omnibus bill is different than a Federal budget. With a Federal budget, funds are specifically earmarked and that's the end of the story. An omnibus bill merely allocates a lump sum and reccomends where to spend the money. The president still has final say how the money is spent and how much goes to each. This is how Obama got everything he wanted in his 8 years. Because Congress never passed an actual budget 

Chris Worman I’ll never understand why President Trump didn’t just veto it, highlight some of the insane budget line items in the bill, and then demand that congress break it up and reduce spending. The military is important, yes, but they could get just as much done on their current budget if they didn’t waste money on unnecessary programs, cost+ contracts, etc. I’m a huge supporter of the military, but their gains didn’t come close to justifying the bill.

–> Watters’ World Fox News March 24. 2018 with Diamond And Silk

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