Judge Jeanine Pirro Live Stream July 6 2019: Destroys DEMS and Biden

Justice With Judge Jeanine Pirro Live Stream July 6, 2019

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 Judge Jeanine Pirro Live Stream 

Of course we must protect our interests, protect our friend Israel, [and protect] our rights to patrol international waters and air space. But America cannot and should not be sucked into wasting billions and billions of taxpayer dollars in a region that's been in turmoil for decades, even generations

Retired Marine Johnny (Joey) Jones was so adamant in his support for the Betsy Ross flag, he decided to tattoo it on his arm as a rebuke to Nike's decision to pull a set of shoes bearing the iconic flag's design.

Our Betsy Ross flag shirt pays tribute to the ideas which the United States of America was founded on. 

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Kerry met with Iran recently. Did they conspire to provoke a response to derail our forward progress and discredit our president? Worthy of investigation

Trump's ICE raids set to begin soon

Joe Biden apologizes for comments about working with segregationists.

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