Judge Jeanine Pirro Latest Opening Statement JULY 20 2019

FOXNEWS Justice With Judge Jeanine August 17, 2019

Judge Jeanine Pirro Latest Opening Statement 

Define Grandma

We gave Nadler and his Trump hating Dems the complete Mueller Report (we didn’t have to), and even Mueller himself, but now that both were a total BUST, they say it wasn’t good enough. Nothing will ever be good enough for them. Witch Hunt!

In so many ways, America is a weaker, poorer, more divided, more fractured country than it was when [Ross] Perot first ran for president in 1992. We can't say Perot would have been a great president, who knows? But if we'd listened to him a little more, not dismissed him, we'd probably be a stronger country today

The Democrats have been on a perpetual break since 2016, and not a commercial break — a break from reality. And the American people will likely let them stay in their alternate universe where socialism works and you never run out of other people's money

Trump 2020 campaign launches 'women's coalition'

Rudy Giuliani, attorney for President Trump, weighs in on tensions with Iran on 'Hannity.'


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