Judge Jeanine Pirro Fox News March 17th 2018

Judge Jeanine Pirro Fox News Youtube 2018

"If we really want to talk about crimes we should talk about Hillary Clinton. Why did they not talk about Hillary the way we're talking about Donald J. Trump?"

"Why wouldn't he deserve to be fired? If he lied to the FBI, and he's part of the leadership of the FBI, of course he's got to be fired."

On "Justice with Judge Jeanine Pirro," former Governor Mike Huckabeee commented on newly fired FBI official Andrew McCabe.

Viewers reacted:

Torrence Moss What they choose to ignore is the Republicans had the dossier 1st. What they choose to ignore is that McCain, a Republican brought the dossier to floor. What they choose to ignore is that the investigation began before the dossier. This is nothing more than an attempt to nullify Mueller's 5 guilty pleas and 305 counts against Manafort.

Brent Reimer Trump is the man. Never in a million years would a career politician do what Trump has. This is what you can do when you're not bought and paid for. Drain the swamp and love to watch Judge Jeanine Pirro Fox News Youtube 2018

Tony Kubis Personally it’s looking like the Russians Hacked into our computer systems at many different levels of government.. they probability did hack into Secretary Clinton’s computers as well.. it seems as though there is enough evidence to charge the Russian government with meddling into our election process and tried to sway voters towards President Trump.. The Big question I have is why Trump? The President seems to be firing everyone and anyone who is or has Investigated him.. this does not help it is only raising more questions and doubt..

Alice Burns Mason Perhaps because Trump is the one under investigation. Hillary was grilled for what? 11 hours?… no guilt found. Trump cannot face answering questions directly because he hasn't an honest bone in his body. Diversion tactics are his fears crying.

Mikey Baldwin Translation:
Nothing to see here. No collusion here. Keep walking. Wow, look over there! No treason here. Keep moving. Oh my God, look over there! Move along. No incompetence here. Keep moving. Don’t look here, look over there! No obstruction here. Nothing to see here …

Saman A Abdullah The Kurds who fought to death and defeated the Islamic state in Syria are now being slaughtered by the Islamist Erdogan and its jihadist allies. The Kurds fought on behave of the entire world, and now are being thrown under the bus by the US and the West! Please speak up and don’t let this administration leave the Kurds behind.

Cindy Sikes Hillary colluded with fellow democrats to try and win this election and it's time they are exposed for trying to harm the reputation of Trump in order gain back control for the Democratic Party.

Jeffrey Hobson Bottom line, to all the left wing nuts out there, McCabe knew exactly what he was doing when he did it. He should've thought about his retirement if that was so special to him and he wanted it so badly. After my 24 years in law-enforcement, there are three things that are a constant HONOR, INTEGRITY and PRIDE. You do not lie no matter what, you do not lie. 

This piece of crap repeatedly lied to both the FBI and the office of professional responsibility THAT in of it self, is what got him fired. I wouldn't be surprised if it doesn't get him a real nice 6' x 8' jail cell too!

If McCabe was so concerned about his retirement, his honor, his integrity, he would have never, ever risked any of those things for what he did risk them for.

Clem Payan Our modern-day dark age. I do not recognize our country anymore. This Trump “presidency” is, day by day, revealing the slimey underbelly of Washington D.C.: a wasteland of corrupt and morally-bankrupt politicians and lawmakers. And what about the unabashed citizens who voted them into office? love Judge Jeanine Pirro Fox News Youtube 2018

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