Justice With Judge Jeanine 6/2/18: Kellyanne Conway on “Justice”

"We are being respected on the world stage. This president's leadership has brought North Korea literally to The White House."

On "Justice" with Judge Jeanine Pirro, Counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway touts the achievements of President Donald J. Trump's first 500 days in office.

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Viewers reactions:

Jim Rowe He's done more to repair this country that Obummer did in 8 years yet the dumbocarats won't admit he twice the man obummer was

Hamid Niroumand Rad The most important deal of century and Trump is made for it. The dictator of Iran already offered billion dollars buying Nuke technology from North Korea,so it is so critical to get deal done. Trump 2020

James Lang Talks with North Korea. Setup to talks with Russia. Lowest Unemployment rates ever. Soon to be energy self sufficient and non dependent on countries directly linked to terrorism that openly denounce and threaten our countries and allies.

But liberals still actually need to go to work 5 days a week so… Dump Trump I guess.

You wanna know what the richest states in the nation say? Most of them are Democrat. Most of them already have money. And most of them say this " tax the lower and middle classes. increase taxes on the lower and middle classes."

Trump. Actually fixing stuff and doing work. Democrats, complainig and increasing taxes.

The more you know.

Joseph Jacks The only Russian Collusion resides in Hillary's deleted emails… Uranium One > Clinton Foundation…. wonder how hard the FBI looked into it… my guess is nada

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