Juan Pablo American Idol Audition 2019 Performance Songs

Juan Pablo Returns American Idol Auditions 2019 Tonight

Juan Pablo American Idol 

Juan Pablo, 26 year old ride share driver from North Hollywood, CA. Juan is addicted to mango-chile flavored Nerds

What song he will be performing tonight?

Besame Mucho – Originally from Mexico, he lives in Los Angeles now. Not even through the video package. This guy seems super obnoxious–referring to himself in 3rd person and comparing himself to great singers. Hm. Sanjaya sang it better. I’m not even kidding. Katy’s fanning herself, which is ridiculous. He’s practically crying by the end.

Can you say overwrought? “You’ve got drama,” says Katy. They segue into a little parody of a Latin soap opera. Hm. Lionel is seduced. Katy goes on and on and on…really the editor needed to step in here. Luke isn’t feeling. Finally, some sense. But then he gives in and says yes. I feel like I just took some crazy pills. That audition was a joke.  – 3 yeses 

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Maroon 5 – "Girls Like You" (Cover by Juan Pablo)

Reik – "Me Niego" (Cover by Juan Pablo)

Is he going to American idol 2019 Hollywood Week Contestants List

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