JT Rodriguez Rises Up with “Higher Love” – The Voice Blind Auditions 2019

JT Rodriguez The Voice

JT Rodriguez performs "Higher Love" in The Voice Blind Auditions.

He’s a fitness coach.   Around 8 he turned to food after his parents divorce and he put on weight.  He likes to help people stay healthy.  He’s at a fork in the road, does he keep his day job or pursue music?  His Mom was always into music and he grew up watching her.  This is his opportunity to jump back into music.  I do not like this at all, he sounds flat and he’s clearly nervous.  He starts to calm down, but it still sounds like he’s pushing too hard.  So far nothing special even when he tries to belt.  I will be surprised if he gets a chair.   Not surprising, no chairs turn.  Adam says all of them were about to turn around and come back.  John says he’s voice is interesting but he heard nerves and unsureness.  Blake says he wasn’t sure how he was going to work with a 90 year old person after they all start making jokes that he’s an old soul.  No chair turn…

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