America's Got Talent 2018 Joseph OBrien Audition Performance

Joseph O’Brien sings Original Song about Briana QUARTERFINALS 3 America’s Got Talent 2018

This is the 20 year old from a small town who has never been kissed.Embarrassing. Look at Joseph at his fake high school. Her performs an original ballad at the piano.There are so many singers in this competition. Four tonight–one is Simon’s golden buzzzer–so good luck to Joseph. He’s fine, but not enough to rise above the rest. The song is about a girl he had a crush on. Simon coaxes a name out of him. Mel calls the lyrics “flawless.”  Heidi wasn’t “knocked out of her seat,” but “it was sweet.”  Just like I expected–Simon says that he didn’t love it. He’s saving the praise for his golden buzzer act. “I’m not sure that song will get you through.” Howie notes the giant red doiley on his piano. Ha. I noticed that too. 

AGT 2018 Sneak Peek Joseph O'Brien  20 year old singer Never Dated Nor Kissed (snogged) Anyone sings “Hello”. Heidi Klum gets curious and asks him why. America's Got Talent 2018 Season 13 Episode 5

He’s from a small town in Tennessee. He’s 20 years old and has never had a girlfriend. Oh boy. He works as a “trampoline monitor” in his hometown. He wants to be a full time musician.  Heidi asks the leading question…do you have a girlfriend or a wife? And he explains that he’s never kissed a girl or even been on a date. He sings Lionel Richie’s “Hello” which is the perfected song for one who experiences endless unrequited love. He’s not a terrible singer. He plays with the melody a little, which is creative. I guess. He holds back when he sings too. Simon says he’s relatable and has good energy. Mel believes he has potential “I absolutely adore you.” Howie thinks nerves got to him, but that he’ll go far anyway. Heidi loved it – 4 yeses

Simon tells the audience that they are the “fifth judge” adding “be as badly behaved as you want.”

Joseph O'Brien sings Original Song for his 2nd Chance.This is the Full segment or full performance for this contestant during the America's Got Talent 2018

ALSO a singer songwriter. His thing? He’s never been kissed or in a relationship. He performed “Hello” and impressed the judge.  This time he’s singing “I Can’t Fight the Feeling” by REO Speedwagon. CORNY. It’s another ballady piano driven arrangement. Simon stops him. “I think you’re overthinking it.” He changes gears and performs an original. It’s a decent song. Mel thinks he has more to give. Olivia liked the second song. She’ll be pushing for him. Simon likes his fighting spirit.

Viewers reactions:

Jessica Beckham He made me smile throughout his entire performance! Can’t wait to see his next performance

Elocin Ruaduag He has a good voice. Honestly, his look reminds me of an early days Jonas brother. I liked his performance though. He did good.

Becky Hall Wow oh wow. He is so wonderful. He is handsome, very personal and adorable.Simon tells the audience that they are the “fifth judge” adding “be as badly behaved as you want.”

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