Jordy Nelson Targeting The Patriots After Being Released By The Packers

Jordy Nelson Targeting The Patriots After Being Released By The Packers

Danny Amendola is reportedly leaving New England for Miami, but if there’s one thing that can cure the sorrows of the Patriot WR’s departure it’s Jordy Nelson.

The Packers star WR was supeingly released by the team Tuesday, and according to Jordan Schultz of Yahoo! Sports, Nelson knew he would be cut and was targeting the Pats as his destination.

The Raiders, Ravens, 49ers and Seahawks do also have interest in the 11-year veteran.

Viewers reacted:

Zach Evans Well according to NFL Mobile, he's visiting my Raiders tomorrow, so calm your tits, Boston. We get first dibs.

Oh by the way, Brady fumbled that ball.

 If your team got cheated out of a chance to play in a Super Bowl, and then go on later to become one of the biggest laughingstocks in pro sports for almost 15 years, you'd be salty too.

Chris Williams What the heck is the big deal about this guy being white? His abilities should be the focus not his skin color. 
And people wonder why racism and division won't go away. If you can't see past a person's skin color you are part of the problem

Ethan Martin It's stressful af being a Packers fan sometimes. They don't give a fuck about their best players. The fact that we've only obtained one ring apiece with two of the greatest clutch QBs of all time is disappointing.

Chris Brewer I thought I hated Zombie Ted Thompson as our GM but now it’s our new GM, Jordy – really, that’s a low blow, Matthews should have been cut not White Lighting, boo to you

Koehnrad Von Wurttemberg As a die hard packers fan I know for certain the tuck rule was one of the biggest mistakes in football. Brady got away with murder on that fumble. Too bad cuz Rich Gannon deserved that shot. I’d hate to see Jordy go to NE. I’m sure he’ll make the right decision and play with a respectable organization like the raiders or something

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