John Elway Botches QB Case Keenum’s Name While Introducing Him In Denver

Case Keenum’s tenure in Denver is not off to the start he may have wanted.

While being introduced during a press conference Friday, general manager John Elway botched the former Vikings quarterback’s name while at the podium.

Viewers reacted:

Juan Antonio Hibbs-Estrada When he let go of John fox he called him John elway. They won the superbowl the next year. I expect good things now.

Brent Morrison Jesus Christ, I know it's legal in Colorado but doesn't mean you have to smoke it…btw can we please Get a qb That ain't off the McDonald's dollar menu plzzz

Frank DeSimone He's not good at names. I remember years ago he called Colin Cowherd "Johnny" during an interview. Ok course, having to talk to Colin would melt my brain as well.

Kevin Wisener Elway refuses to learn someone's name unless they are going to last as the Denver quarterback for at least a season. (I'm guessing.)

Jacob Hogan-Worrell GOAT QB can't be expected to remember the name of some schmuck. Guarantee he already impregnated Keenum's wife though.

Matt Barney Then you botched his name in the article, “John Eleway”

Gabriel Francis Blackmon President Donald J.Trump misspelled Marine Corps by tweeting Marine Core so what's the big deal with John Elway misspelling Case Keenum

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