April and Joharithe Giraffe Live Cam Youtube and Updates

Johari the giraffe live cam youtube

Worthy of a share now, we can’t wait till Friday’s HeyJohWhaDaYaKnow Segment!

We are seeing some very interesting developments!

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We can all appreciate the belly bulge displayed from this right side view of Johari, and notice in the other photos, some very specific clues/signs – behavioral and physical.

  • drip
  • cap
  • lick
  • repeat!

These signs do not suggest a call for immediate action by our teams, but they certainly were discussed this afternoon.

Average giraffe pregnancies are 15 months, we are in month 14 still – but Hey (Joh), you never know!

Are you a believer?

Tell us in the comments!

(We won’t tell Johari)

April, Tajiri and Johari the giraffe live cam youtube

We will also provide weekly updates, every Friday, at 11 am eastern, in our “Hey Joh, Whadaya Know” segment from Giraffe Barn

We thought April had us guessing?

Allow Johari to take the stage!

So, Joh, Whadaya Know!

We are live with Hey Joh, WhaDaYa Know? (every Friday at 11am EST) as we recap where we are at with our

Join Jordan & Johari for an informative launch to a possible Giraffe Watch 2020!

Johari & Oliver connected in July of 2019, which would place Johari in the 14-16 month (15 month on average) window for expecting a calf. There have been no other connections since, and Johari has remained very uninterested in any and all advances.

Testing has proven inconclusive, but physical and behavioral observations have us all scratching our heads!

It is in Johari’s best interest for us to use the information and observations on hand, to officially go into Giraffe Watch during the coming weeks. While uncertainty surrounds this calf conundrum, we invite you back into our world, and on this journey together through our Giraffe Cam

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Fan react to Johari the giraffe live cam youtube

Linda Sue Sims

Wonderful news – hoping to close out 2020 on a high note, with a beautiful new giraffe calf at AAP!
Congrats Jordan, AAP and staff – so glad for this announcement, and for another step in the right direction for giraffe conservation. May this special event bring understanding and support to the plight of giraffes and other vulnerable and endangered species, and shine a sparkling light on the delightful park that is AAP!
(I guess it’s officially time to set up the laptop on the nightstand, in preparation of sleeping with “one eye open” again!)g

Celene Elizabeth
Aww Jo you are so secretive, giving April a run for the money! This is wonderful news and thank you for such a detailed explanation. No wonder you were scratching your head, those charts, wow! Keeping fingers crossed and prayers said. 2020 needs uplifting

Pamela Hicks

How wonderful!!!! I’m now watching Bailey at CMZ and will also be watching sweet Jo. Will I ever get any sleep until the babies are born? Probably not, but the joy of new baby giraffes outweighs any loss of sleep. Didn’t you drop/spill your coffee when April went into labor with Azizi? We all love you and AAP and the wonderful giraffe family there. I’ll once again get to enjoy Ollie’s Okapi “socks” and the wonderful people also waiting for the new baby to be born. Much love to all

Jeanne Dawber

Thank you Jordan for giving us such great news. Almost time to start the watching marathon. You people are doing such a fantastic job with your park,I haven’t been yet but maybe next year I’ll get an opportunity to go. This is the best thing to happen in 2020.

Lisa Kessler Coghill

Congratulations Animal Adventure Park! What an uplifting thing to offer us during 2020! I followed April with Taj and was even able to come and see them in June of 2017. I’m so excited! May God bless you all with a healthy, happy calf and may Momma be safe and well!

Melissa Leech

Have been following since April gave birth to Taj, but I have been away for a while. So excited about a possible new baby! I am curious about April and Taj being in the same barn – isn’t there a chance he could mate with her?

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