I’m Not the Only One | Johanna Jones American Idol Audtions Peformance

Johanna Jones Sings I’m Not the Only One – American Idol 2019 Auditions 

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Johanna Jones American Idol 

American Idol 2019 Season 17 premieres on tonight ACB with 12 contestants who are set to sing in front of the judges, Lionel Richie, Katy Perry and Luke Bryan.

Do you think Johanna Jones will be on American Idol  auditions tonight?

Yes, she will be singing “I’m Not the Only One” by Sam Smith for her Johanna Jones American Idol audition performance in front of Judges Lionel Richie, Luke Bryan and Katy Perr.

I’m Not the Only One by Sam Smith – No major backstory for Johanna. She loves potato chips. That’s it! She loves Katy Perry and believes they could be BFFs. Probably not though. She loves the smoky smells of the casino. Johanna mentions she works at In and Out and Katy freaks. She loves the hamburgers. She tells a story about meeting her fiance Orlando Bloom when he stole one of her burgers.  Also at the mention of potato chips, Katy pulls out a bag.

A potato chip eating contest has Katy coming close to needing the Heimlich. This is pretty silly. I think the judges are drunk. Allen, a musician friend of Johannas comes in to accompany her. It’s obvious she works on her phrasing. It’s nice, if not spectacular. I think the judges are drunk. Lionel calls her the “package” and “you’ve got the touch.” Oh. Lionel already pulling out his favorite buzz word. Katy thinks it’s time to quit the burger joint. – 3 yeses 

Johanna Jones American Idol photos

Johanna Jones American Idol

Johanna Jones and her dad on American Idol

 Johanna, 23, raised in Las Vegas, Nevada. That’s not her dad in the photo. She brings a musician friend along to accompany her on “I’m Not the Only One” by Sam Smith. Also. She swears her secret weapon is potato chips, which has Katy almost choking on a bag.

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Johanna Jones – National Anthem 

Don't Need To Say You're Sorry -Johanna Jones

Fan react to Johanna Jones American Idol 


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