Jimmy Kimmel’s Opening Monologue at Oscar 2018

“Here’s how clueless Hollywood is about women: We made a movie called ‘What Women Want’ and it starred Mel Gibson. Kinda all you need to know.”

Jimmy Kimmel addresses the TimesUp movement in his Oscars opening monologue.

"Here's how clueless Hollywood is about women: We made a movie called 'What Women Want' and it starred Mel Gibson. Kinda…

Người đăng: ABC News vào 4 Tháng 3 2018

Viewers reacted:

Damien James And yet none of you had the courage to protect them… instead you just made jokes about it at previous Oscars and showered him with adulation… you’re a bunch of virtue-signaling cowards.

Rob Haley Just for the record, “What women want” was written by 2 females and a male. Was directed by a female too.

Brett Freeman Says the man who had a show called the man show, which featured girls on trampolines.

Harry Proctor Jimmy Kimmel made a joke about a 30 year old movie? Here is how clueless Hollywood is, they have more female talent than they have ever had and they STILL rinse and repeat with the same tired old white guy.

Connie Handbury Just as well for their failing ratings that they are paying homage to, and showing clips from, great classic award winning movies made in last 90 years. On the other hand, it shows clearly how far down the yuk abyss Hollywood has landed these days.

Hrimnir Benediktsson No-one knows what women want. They are always vague about it, expect men to be mind-readers and keep changing their minds.

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