The Four 2018 Season 2 Jesse Kramer Sings You are So Beautiful

Jesse Kramer You are So Beautiful

Jesse Kramer Sound is putting a beautiful twist on Rock n' Roll!

You are So Beautiful by Joe Cocker – He says rock n roll is about “making a connection” and last week the crowd just ate it up! Hm. He’s been at the grind for awhile now. He’s determined to keep his seat. Good song choice. He can garble his way through it and then say BUT JOE COCKER. At least Cocker was able to wring emotion out of that gruff mess of a voice. Jesse not so much. 

Jesse Kramer vs Ebon Lurks “You Are So Beautiful” & “Mine” The Four Season 2 Ep

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Ebon Lurks – Mine by Bazzi – This is better than the first performance. Seriously, he needs to stay away from his falsetto. Still, Ebon is missing something–energy. Or maybe his vocal is just not that strong. 

Didde feels Ebon stepped it up. Diddy calls Jesse’s approach “totally fresh.” Khaled respects Ebon’s humility. He appreciates that he took their notes. “Great performance” he says to Jesse.  Jesse wins the challenge Ebon is eliminated. Not surprised. Ebon was definitely picked to serve as an easy challenge. 

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