Jesse Kramer the Four Season 2 All Performances

Jesse Kramer vs James Graham – Oh, I think these two became pretty friendly on the show. Both lasted several weeks before losing their seats. Now they have to compete!  James is a much better singer. No contest.  “I love Jesse,” says James, “But you don’t get many chances in this industry.”

Jesse Kramer – Come Together by the Beatles –  Good song choice. His gravelly as rocks voice is a good match for this. There’s still too much growling and yelling though. 

James Graham – Writing’s On The Wall by Sam Smith –  James has to be careful not to oversing. He is a little–but for the most part his rangy voice is on full display. Good job. He won that match easily.

Meghan said it was one of Jesse’s best. “Damn” she says to James, “My heart was pounding.” Khaled says, “You came to battle…you showed you’re hungry.” Diddy says, “Jesse you finally got it…I saw your dream coming true.” James Wins the Challenge Jesse is Eliminated. I AGREE. James will challenge Jeronelle McGhee

The growl is back! Jesse Kramer Sound hits the stage paying homage to The Beatles.

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