Jesse Kramer Hallelujah Rock ‘n’ Roll Audition The Four Season 2

From Nashville, Jesse says he’s looking around. Nobody has soul. Hm. He grew up on church music. But he rebelled. He was into being a ROCK STAR in high school. It’s either church or rock n roll his parents said. He left home at 18. He accompanies himself on guitar, while he croons. He’s got a deep voice. Nice phrasing. He reminds me a little of Soundgarden or Pearl Jam. Oh. And American Idol’s Cade Foehner. Heh. He may have some of the same issues as Cade–striking stage presence with vocal limitations. Meghan is pleasantly surprised. She loves his guy liner. Diddy calls him a raw talent. He felt an Elvis vibration from him. Khaled dug it too. “Hallelujah!” he says. “That’s it!” – 3 blue rings!Jesse Challenges Majeste . Their styles aren’t anything alike, but the church backstory resonates for both. James would be a better fit, but he’s a front runner whom the producers surely wants to stick around for awhile.

Jesse Kramer Hallelujah Rock 'n' Roll This is the full segment or full performance of this musician on Episode 2.

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All Along the Watchtower by  Bob Dylan (Jimi Hendrix version) – He’s a decent guitar player. If this were one of the other shows, he’s probably win the battle. He’s delivering an impassioned performance as well. However, Majeste’s vocals are better and I think that’s gonna count in her favor. He’s sounding pretty garbled here. His first performance was better.

Diddy likes both performances. We want everything, he says. He liked the diversity. He’s torn! Khaled liked that the battle was so mixed up genre wise. Oh. Nobody is picking a side. Interesting. It’s the closest vote of season 2, says Fergie. Jesse Kramer wins the challenge! Majeste Pearson is eliminated. Diddy feels Majeste had too many singing tricks, Jesse more connection. Color me surprised. I really thought Majeste had that. 

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