Two Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon Woodstock and Showstoppers Performances

Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon: Shows Off His CRAZY Range With Bling And Swing

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Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon Woodstock and Showstoppers

Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon – Swing Low, Sweet Chariot by Joan Baez – He performs behind the piano. He sings an upbeat performance of the classic song. Gospel is obviously a comfortable genre for him. He really wails at the end. This is pretty great. My favorite so far. Jeremiah sings it like he means it. The judges are on their feet. So is Jeremiah’s boyfriend. Lionel says, “You’re bringing the bling and the swing…your vocals are absolutely amazing.” Katy says, “HALLELUJAH. The church is in ya! She shouts.” She thanks him for “showing off.” He was born October 9, the same day as John Lennon, Katy reveals. “I think your chosen.” Luke calls it “comfortable from day one.”  

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