"Passionfruit" | Jej Vinson The Voice Blind Auditions 2019 Performance

Jej Vinson Stuns the Coaches with “Passionfruit” – The Voice Blind Auditions 2019

Jej Vinson The Voice 

Music is a huge part of his life  He discovered Beyonce, Destiny’s Child, which is so different then Fillipino music.  He moved to the US when he was 15 so they could have a better life.  His parents left everything behind to move to the US.  Jej started out as a dishwasher, then a bed maker, nursing assistant he wanted to go to med school.  Seeing his parents struggle was hard for him.  He moved to California to pursue a career in music and thanks his parents for their support.  Jej says he connects to John Legend because of the music he writes.  He has a really nice ton though a little over run for me personally.  Blake turns right away.  He has a good baritone that goes effortlessly into falsetto.  4 chair turn, Blake and Kelly on their feet as he ends with a string of runs.  Kelly comes up to shake his hand.  

Adam tells him he’s a better singer than all of us.  John says he was worried that he would stay in the zone, but then he went into the runs with precision and beauty.  Adam tells him not to be too perfect, and he would want to get him to a place where people can feel him as well as they can hear him, connect people to his heart.  Blake says they all think they are looking at the winner of The Voice this season.  Blake tells him not to stay in a box, uses the other coaches arguments against them.

 Blake says he wins the show a lot.  Kelly says she can win the show with you, you’re incredible.  She says his run has finesse.   Jej chooses Team  Kelly!  Shocking everyone!!  Kelly says she’s hopes that he’s on the radio someday.

In memory of Janice Freeman 1985-2019  flashes on the screen at the end of the show.  RIP Janice you were a force.

Overall a guy heavy night a few people with some potential to go deep into the season.


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