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Jeffrey Li sings “One Moment In Time” America’s Got Talent 2018 Judge Cuts 3 AGT

Jeffrey Li Audition

America’s Got Talent auditions continue in front of judges Howie Mandel, Mel B.Heidi Klum and Simon Cowell. Host Tyra Banks presides over all the madness. Join us tonight as we live blog all the performances.
The Golden Buzzer is back. Each judge and the host gets one opportunity to send a contestant straight through to the live shows. Who will win the 1 million dollar prize?

The Toronto native wowed the AGT judges with his breathtaking performance.


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Thirteen year old singer – He’s and only child and he’s wanted to sing almost his entire life. His father thinks music has helped him feel less lonely as an only. If he wins, he’s gonna buy him a dog. He performs “You Raise Me Up.” Simon promises if he does well, he will buy him a dog. “Let’s do this one for the doggie!” Jeffrey has a very pretty tenor. Ha there’s a couple of ladies in the audience going crazy. Mom is crying off in the wings. When he hits the big chorus, the audience get out of their seats. Simon has that Susan Boyle look on his face. I think Jeffy is getting his dog. Jeffry wants a German Shepherd. Howie calls him a young male Celine Dion. Mel compares him to an angel. Simon calls his audition “amazing.” Simon says he’ll keep his promise. Hey. I want to see that damn dog. Mel says “Hey you didn’t ask your parents permission.” Jeffrey snarks “TOO LATE!” – 4 yeses.

America's Got Talent 2018 Jeffrey Lee

Kid singer – Jeffery sang “You Raise Me Up” for his audition, and he was VERY nervous.He’s still really nervous. Tonight he performs Whitney Houston’s “One Moment in Time.” Huh.  It’s very dramatic! Jeffrey understands he needs a big moment to advance. Which will probably mean he gets a spot, and Angel does not. Martina notes his nerves, but loves his voice. “I can’t sing like that and I’ve had a 25 year career.” Simon says it should not have worked, but it did. 

Viewers reacted to Jeffrey Li Audition

Noah Mathews I kind of wish they would stop tuning the singers' voices so much. I wanna hear what the judges and audience hear, how they actually sound. But nonetheless, I'm super happy for him. He was spectacular. I loved him! 

Stan Mars He was great and my wife Vicki and I will donate a AKC German Shepherd to him for Simon! Our pups are 4 weeks old today so it won't be long and we want to bless this child with his wish! Blessings!

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