Jay Copeland Is A Signed, Sealed, Delivered Talent – American Idol 2022

Our final Platinum Ticket has found its rightful owner! It’s a big risk for Jay to be here auditioning, as his graduate school program gave him an ultimatum to choose music (Idol) or acting (grad school). In the process he’s lost his fellowship/funding, so there’s a lot on the line. He sings Signed, Sealed Delivered on American Idol tonight

Watch Jay Copeland American Idol performance

Signed, Sealed Delivered by Stevie Wonder – He graduated with a music degree two years ago. He studied acting in grad school. They told him he couldn’t stay in school if he did American Idol. He gave up a fellowship. Yikes. 

He performs with a ton of personality. But his voice is wild. Too many runs and he’s got pitch problems here and there. Because he got the Platinum Ticket, I expected to more. But he’s a ball of sunshine on stage. If needs to reign it in. This is NOT a perfect performance. He grooves in a pocket, which is tough for many young singers. Lionel can’t stop gushes. “You owned it…you were having so much fun.” He says, “Your talent is off the chain.  You’ve got nothing to study.” Luke thinks he can electrify a crowd. Katy thinks he can skip a day of school. She points to the wall. He gets the Platinum Ticket. Because he’s worth all the platinum, she says. 

Viewers react to Jay performs Signed, Sealed Delivered

Kelly Colonghi
He’s amazing! His voice and charisma is so contagious! Music flows through him like blood flowing through veins. He feels with every ounce of his being. He’s so special!

Congratulations to a hometown singer about to put Salisbury, Maryland in the national spotlight!! So proud to say we’ve watched you grow up Jay!!! From Rock and Roll Revival to American Idol. You keep up the great work man. God is guiding you and your gift! What am I missing? I am clearly not a trained musician with a “trained ear”but he was okay at best. Feels like the platinum winners are pre-determined ahead of time based on a variety of boxes that they wanted to check. There were multiple performances that were far superior to him. Super confused. What?
Annette Lane
Yes, Luke’s face said, I don’t like his voice until he seen the the boss lady did. He was good but I have heard some trying out that was really good. Incredibly proud of our hometown superstar! We always knew that you were meant for greatness! We love you Jay! It was so moving to watch him get lost in his musical element, and more impactful to see how humble he was. Well deserved! Good luck to him and great choice on the panel and love Jay Copeland American Idol peformance tonight

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