The Four 2018 James Graham Audition Performance: Lately

James Graham sings “Lately” The Four Season 2 Ep. 3

James Graham – Lately by Stevie Wonder – He thought Jesse would challenge him last week, and was surprised when he chose Majestie.

His mum is SUPER SUPPORTIVE, driving him around and such. James delivers a strong vocal and has a nice tone. But he can be a little too tricksey. Tonight he’s good, though! Man, his upper register is amazing. No need for falsetto. And when he uses it, his vocal is still strong. Very very nice phrasing.Meghan is screaming. 

Christian Gonzalez – Hold On We’re Going Home by Drake – He’s not as strong a singer as James.But his phrasing is very mature. He sings with passion. I felt that! 

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Meghan loves his skill and range. “Unbelievable!” Meghan wanted him to dance more, but feels he’s a great singer. Diddy didn’t feel Christian gave it his all this time. “I missed the spice.” Diddy wondered why he changed the key. James says the lower key sounded better in his ear. “It would be impressive to hear these notes Stevie Wonder can hit,” says Diddy. “You saved your performance toward the end of the song. Don’t agree with Diddy. Plus I liked that he dialed it back. – James Wins the Challenge – Christian is Eliminated.

Must watch : The Four Season 2 Finale  The winner of The Four is James Graham

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