James Farrow “Lean Back” HE CAME TO EAT Audition The Four Season 2

He’s a rapper. Bet he challenges the heretofore unchallenged contestant, Sharayah. He got a lot of traction on Youtube, opened for some well-known rappers. Khaled has his prop kid with him for this round. James shouts to Sharayah, “You looking like a snack, girl.” He’s good. I can’t imagine him not getting through. Khaled like the song choice. He definitely wants to see another one. Piddy wasn’t as impressed. But he sees potential. James wants to battle! He’s here to eat! – 3 blue rings – James Challenges Sarayah

Viewers reactions:

LaLa Williams Who is picking these folks

Mia Mote Does Fergie really have to spin around like that? She is making me dizzy !

Elaine Williams Powell He know saying he wanted to challenge would get him through.

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