Jalen Ramsey Had Hilarious Response To Tom Brady Coming Out Of Retirement

While Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans are rejoicing following the news that Tom Brady is making a comeback, there are 31 other NFL teams who must be disappointed by TB12’s decision. They probably thought they’d never have to deal with the GOAT in the playoffs again…But they were wrong.

Just watch Jalen Ramsey Had Hilarious Response To Tom Brady Coming Out Of Retirement


Brady is coming back. And while that’s bad news for opposing players, there is one rival of Brady’s that seems to be happy about the news.

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Jalen Ramsey Reacts to Tom Brady Retirement: “The Greatest Ever. He Had 7 Rings for a Reason”

Following Brady’s announcement, Los Angeles Rams cornerback Jalen Ram good reason sey took to Twitter. And, surprisingly, he seemed happy about Tom’s comeback, albeit for pretty good reason. Jalen Ramsey is known for his playful and sometimes provocative comments on and off the field. If he did make a comment about Tom Brady coming out of retirement, it’s possible that his response was meant to be humorous or tongue-in-cheek. However, without the exact statement, I cannot provide a specific response to his comment and how you love to read Jalen Ramsey Had Hilarious Response To Tom Brady.

I don’t pay attention to American Football but what I have hear & seen of Tom tells me that he is a really good Football player & a good person around Brady was the Football GOAT. Can’t compare players from different sports. Brady has a resume of records and championships, and longevity that is hard to top.We shall see , someone might offer him a money loving deal . Then he will say Just kidding I’m back . I hear the Raiders want him on the other hand he already has a broadcasting contract waiting for him.

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