Katy Perry Does the WORM During Jake Puliti Audition – American Idol 2019

Jake Puliti American Idol Audition

Puliti auditioned back on Oct. 30 in New York City. He said a producer pulled him out of line while he was waiting to audition. His father, Matthew Puliti, and aunt, Tiffany Beard, were beside him for support as his mother, Becky Whitebread, was home, going through radiation treatment for thyroid cancer.


This is How We Do It by Montell Charmer – For some reason, folks are surprised when they hear he’s a singer. Because dudes built like a football player would never pick up a guitar? Or something.  Hilarious that he thinks his performance will be a “surprise.” As soon as he said that I thought “Oh. Doing a white boy twist with guitar on an R&B classic. So.” And indeed, he flips “This is How We Do It.” Not bad, actually.

He has a pleasant tone. Katy gets up to dance. She does the worm. Jake deserves props for keeping it together during that. Luke thinks he has a great voice. Katy calls his tone “amazing.” Jake says about Katy’s dancing “That was the best worm I’ve ever seen.” – 3 yeses. 

"I did a song that everybody will know … let's just say it's a club song everybody can get down to," Puliti said. But he doesn't expect that the song will be done in a way it's ever been heard before, since he played the acoustic guitar during his audition, and his goal was to give the judges a performance "as unique as possible."


Puliti said he learned he would be featured on the show when a producer called him recently. He was overjoyed and relieved to finally know where things stand after months of waiting.

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