Jake Hoot The Voice Top 10 Performance That Ain’t My Truck

Jake Hoot sings That Ain’t My Truck on The Voice Top 10

Jake Hoot The Voice Top 10

The Voice 17 live finals start tonight  on Monday as the Top 10 sing for your votes in front of coaches Gwen Stefani, John Legend, Kelly Clarkson and Blake Shelton. Who is your favorite singer, where do the singers stand ahead of the next show At the end of Tuesday`s results show , two artist will leave the voice season 17

Team Kelly Clarkson – Amazed by Lonestar – Yes, Jake is a one chair turn, which is amazing. Carson brings up Jake’s amazing chart success on the show. Desperado was No. 1 overall on iTunes. Katie calls Amazed “such a finale song.” Jake’s girlfriend is in the audience. He’s a missionary kid. I’m surprised he didn’t go Christian for the finale. Jake is wrapping up really early. It’s 9:21 and he’s done. Will it hurt his chances? He’s delivering a crowd pleasing performance here. Jake’s vocals are reliably strong. Actually, everyone left on the show are confident singers. Gwen loves his familiar and comforting voice. “I love you Jake Hoot,” exclaims Kelly. She calls him subtle, classic, magical.


Jake Hoot – Team Kelly Clarkson – Better Off by Jake Hoot (written by Jacob Matthew Hoot & David Allan Pahanish) – Kelly and Jake chat about his self-penned original song. He’s the only finalist to record and perform his own song. Jake wrote it about his divorce. Kelly calls it “catchy and relatable.” Hm… This song is just…Ok. It’s got a catchy chorus, I’ll give it that. But I bet his “Amazed” cover charts higher. Just sayin’. Sidenote: These lyrics are kinda bitter! Whoa. His little daughter in the audience hearing “I’m better off without you.” Dang. Gwen has enjoyed him growing relaxed on stage. Kelly calls him “super humble.” She says, “You always put yourself on the back burner.” She loves that he had the opportunity to showcase his writing.  –

Jake & Kelly Clarkson Perform Wintersong on the Voice Finale


Jake Hoot – Team Kelly Clarkson – Better Off by Jake Hoot (written by Jacob Matthew Hoot & David Allan Pahanish) – STREAM

Jake Hoot – Team Kelly Clarkson – Amazed by Lonestar – STREAM

Jake Hoot sings That Ain’t My Truck on The Voice Top 10

Jake Hoot – Team Kelly Clarkson – That Ain’t My Truck by Rhett Akins – His cousin was killed in Afghanistan nine years ago. He picked the song in his honor. His heros are in the military. He got a shout out from military supporters in Alabama. Kelly thinks Jake could be a massive country star. She gives Jake tips on phrasing and using his “growl.” If he doesn’t use it she’s going to “throw my shoe at your face.” Jake turns out an enjoyable rendition of the song. I mean, if mid-tempo country songs are your thing! Still, his tone is so radio ready. His voice cracks a little in spots, though. A few notes are out of his range. He places the growl, right where Kelly asked. Shoes will stay on feet tonight.  Gwen call it his best performance. Gwen believed he was a true country star. Blake has to admit….Kelly is doing an incredible job with him. Hell has frozen over! responds Kelly. She swears she’s not doing anything. “It’s like we’re watching your show.” She follows that up with “Don’t get a big head!”

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What song she will sing for her the voice top 10 tonight on NBC

Such a special voice. Love him every time he sings. It doesn’t take screaming and jumping around to touch someone. One of the best!

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Jake is so good and pure with his singing. Easily one of the ones that have a chance to win. Very strong performance. Jake killed that one.

Viewer reaction:

Jenny Lund What a sweet guy, he’s so sincere and real, all he’s gotta do is just sing, no bells and whistles needed! He sings from the HEART, that’s what sets him apart! Hoot you’re the BEST!

Danielle Delcourt He needs to be the new face of country, I used to like country music but I can’t stand the new country pop stuff. He has so much emotion in his performances and a wide voice range too! Best performance of the night!


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