Country Singer "Cover Me Up" | Jake Hoot The Voice Knockouts 2019

Jake Hoot Performs His Original Song, “Better Off Without You” – The Voice Live Finale

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Jake Hoot The Voice 

Jake Hoot and Little Big Town perform “Over Drinking” during The Voice Live Finale

Jake & Kelly Clarkson Perform Wintersong on the Voice Finale


Jake Hoot – Team Kelly Clarkson – Better Off by Jake Hoot (written by Jacob Matthew Hoot & David Allan Pahanish) – STREAM

Jake Hoot – Team Kelly Clarkson – Amazed by Lonestar – STREAM

Jake Hoot – Team Kelly Clarkson – Amazed by Lonestar – Yes, Jake is a one chair turn, which is amazing. Carson brings up Jake’s amazing chart success on the show. Desperado was No. 1 overall on iTunes. Katie calls Amazed “such a finale song.” Jake’s girlfriend is in the audience. He’s a missionary kid. I’m surprised he didn’t go Christian for the finale. Jake is wrapping up really early. It’s 9:21 and he’s done. Will it hurt his chances? He’s delivering a crowd pleasing performance here. Jake’s vocals are reliably strong. Actually, everyone left on the show are confident singers. Gwen loves his familiar and comforting voice. “I love you Jake Hoot,” exclaims Kelly. She calls him subtle, classic, magical. 

Jake Hoot & Kelly Clarkson – Wintersong by Sarah McLachlan – Jake reveals that he’s a big opera fan! He almost studied it in school! They both love Christmas. Team Kake! Or Team Jelly. I’m not really loving this as a country song? It’s not meant for a twang. Jake does hit an amazing high note, though. It’s a beautiful song, backed by strings and a harp. Kelly sounds lovely. 

Jake Hoot – Team Kelly Clarkson – Better Off by Jake Hoot (written by Jacob Matthew Hoot & David Allan Pahanish) – Kelly and Jake chat about his self-penned original song. He’s the only finalist to record and perform his own song. Jake wrote it about his divorce. Kelly calls it “catchy and relatable.” Hm… This song is just…Ok. It’s got a catchy chorus, I’ll give it that. But I bet his “Amazed” cover charts higher. Just sayin’. Sidenote: These lyrics are kinda bitter! Whoa. His little daughter in the audience hearing “I’m better off without you.” Dang. Gwen has enjoyed him growing relaxed on stage. Kelly calls him “super humble.” She says, “You always put yourself on the back burner.” She loves that he had the opportunity to showcase his writing.  – STREAM

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Jake Hoot Sings Danny`s Song for his the Voice Top 13 perforance tonight

Team Kelly Clarkson – Danny’s Song by Loggins & Messina – He’s dedicating his song to daughter Macy. He’s divorced from her mother. She advises Jake to change up the phrasing and open up in the second half of the song. She’s helping him add dynamics to his performance, which is so important. Aw. He points to his daughter at “Love a girl.” Dang, that’s going to be worth about a kabillion votes. His daughter is adorable. Still, this performance is SUCH A HUGE IMPROVEMENT from last week. He sounds confident this week. I don’t love country music, but his tone is gorgeous. Gwen calls his performance “magical.” He had Kelly “bawling.” You could sing anything, noting that he sounds like the music she grew up on -> Stream

Cover Me Up by Jason Isbell – He’s been dating his girlfriend for 6 or 7 months. But his divorce was really hard. Taylor calls his vocal style “authentic” and “convincing.” Taylor advises Jake not to sway on stage. Maybe use a mic stand, she says. Jake is an old school country singer with an ability to deliver emotional lyrics. This is a very good song choice. His voice is so strong.

Jake Hoot Sounds Like Ronnie Dunn on Luke Combs’ “When It Rains It Pours” – The Voice Blinds

Jake Hoot battles Steve Knill, performing “Always on My Mind” during The Voice The Battles

Viewer reaction:

Brenda Burg I love Jake hoot! I hope he wins the voice! And yes I would love to hear him sing a Gene Watson song!

Claire Catanach I loved loved Jake’s version of Jason’s Cover Me Up. Absolutely smooth and heart felt.

Elizabeth Millard Hochstrasser Jake was flawless. Hope to see more of him in the finale and a celebrity pairing with Kasey Musgraves.

Shari Pagan Mollberg Holy Hoot! Such an authentic and beautiful voice. Love that he told the story in a believable, classy way!

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