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Tomorrow is the big day! I shot  for the moon , will I end up in the stars? AmericanIdol continues tomorrow night at 8/7c! Tune in and see if I got the golden ticket to Hollywood! 

Hey everyone! Just received confirmation that they will be airing my American Idol audition on March 20th! Not this weekend, but the weekend after that! I will be having a viewing party at the The Wooden Nickel II that evening as well. The show goes from 8-10PM. Hope to see you all there

Watch Jacob Moran American Idol performance tonight

The 27 year old from Florida is a returnee from Season 17. He auditioned with Ariana Grande’s “Into You” back in 2019 ), but was cut in Hollywood. He’s a nurse who sings to his patients. He recently enrolled in a master’s program to train as a nurse practitioner. He’s a Nurse That a Voice

Nurse Jacob is a return contestant from 2019 who’s lost 60 pounds and gained a lot of confidence since then. When Lionel told his group “it’s a no” during Hollywood Week, that was the kick in the butt he needed to get his life on track. Now he’s back and sings “Rise” by Katy Perry to bring her off her feet!

Rise by Katy Perry – Jacob auditioned with Ariana Grande’s “Into You” back in 2019 (watch here), but was cut in Hollywood. Back then, his backstory was about being a nurse and singing to his patience. In three years, he’s lost weight and cleared up his skin. Jacob shares how scared he was back then. He lacked confidence. He lost 60 pounds. The person he befriended in the holding room gets eliminated. But he’s determined! The judges remember him when he walks into the room.
He sings in a high tenor. It’s a little grating at times, though. He does his own thing with it, though. His range is impressive. He hits some really big notes. Jacob has been working on his voice in the last three years. Katy gives him a standing ovation. “You chose the right song. And you did it justice,” declares Katy. “Those words were your words.” – 3 yeses


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This Mid-Michigan nurse is going from singing at the Wooden Nickel in Dansville to the American Idol stage in Hollywood!


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Jacob Moran is no stranger to the Idol stage. Three years ago he was cut during Hollywood Week. Will Jordin Sparks’ encouragement help him push past the fear this time?

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Congrats …can’t believe we have been fortunate enough to have him sing (along with family) at Webberville High School basketball games
JACOB I AM SO EFFING PROUD OF YOU! Look at these comments, you are so loved already and well received. Anyone who knows Jacob knows that he is so kind and compassionate and you can see it from just this little clip. YOU’VE GOT THIS, FRIEND!

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