Jacob Maxwell vs Talon Cardon SING Every Little Thing She Does is Magic – The Voice 2019 Battle

Jacob Maxwell vs Talon Cardon SING Every Little Thing She Does is Magic 

The Voice 2019 battle rounds begins tonight with 12 contestant from four team The artists take the stage for the Battle Rounds! The coaches enlist Charlie Puth, Kelsea Ballerini, Brooks & Dunn, and Khalid to prepare their artists for a dueling duet. Winning artists proceed to the brand new round, the LIVE Cross Battles.

What song Jacob Maxwell vs Talon Cardon will be singing tonight for their the Voice Battle performance

Jacob Maxwell vs Talon Cardon SING Every Little Thing She Does is Magic 

Both of them have Dads who are cops and they are singing a song by the police and they both work in restaurants.  They both gig on the side.  This is a horrible song choice.  John wanted to see how they would do on a more up-tempo song.  The rehearsal does not sound good.  Jacob says Talon’s voice is complex and fills the room.  Khalid tells them to shake off their nerves.  They are both struggling with nervousness.  Talon wants to work on showing his personality.  At stage rehersal, John tells them to loosen up a little bit more.

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Girls are screaming as they enter.  Let’s see if this goes better than rehearsals.  They sound much better as they start off.  Good harmonies.  Voice crack from Talon.  This is a little boring for me, but they sound much less nervous and they both have good voices.  I just don’t like this song choice at all for a battle.  They are jumping at the end.  Kelly and John on their feet, crowd loved it.  Maybe I’m just grumpy tonight.  Adam says he loves the song, it’s one of his favorites.  Adam says Jacob was a little more in control.  Blake thought Jacob had a little more grasp overall.  Kelly said Talon kept up, the song suited Jacob more.  JOhn is proud of both of them, they executed the way they talked about.  Talon’s voice is thinner but cool on top.  Jacob’s voice is rounder and gorgeous.  The winner of this battle is… Jacob based on the tone that John tends to like.  Talon thanks John for the opportunity and for the chance to follow his dreams.  Talon Cardon is eliminated.  

Jacob Maxwell performs "Delicate" in The Voice Blind Auditions.

Talon Cardon performs "Say You Won't Let Go" in The Voice Blind Auditions.

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