Jackie Verna The Voice 2018 Knockout - Jackie Verna: "American Honey"

The Voice 2018 Knockout – Jackie Verna: “American Honey”

Jackie Verna sings Lady Antebellum's "American Honey" during knockouts.

The Voice 2018 Jackie Verna – Live Playoffs: "Once"

The Voice 2018 Jackie Verna – Live Playoffs: "Tim McGraw"

The Voice 2018 Blind Audition – Jackie Verna: "Peter Pan"

The Voice 2018 Battle – Jackie Verna vs. Stephanie Skipper: "These Dreams"

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Viewers reacted: 

Laurie Carlton I was turned off by the lady on the right moving like a copy of Jennifer Nettles. Could not focus on the singing because it was irritating. There is only One extraordinary Jennifer Nettles!

Wayne Foulk I personally thought they both did well. I liked Jackie better but before this was also pulling for Stephanie. Be nice if they still do the save and bring back Stephanie.

Kathy Janett Fisher Molly wouldn't of made it that far anyway there are too many better singers on this season than her, like Britton, terrence, pryor, jaclyn, Justin, Brynn, spenysha, reid, johnny, those people are going to make it pretty far

Graciela Castillo I know they want the singers to sing make it their own but they sing good but like the original slower softer version better

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