The Voice 2018 Jackie Verna – Live Playoffs: “Once”

Jackie Verna Once

Once by Maren Morris – Good song choice for Jackie. Her pitch is a little shaky, but she’s connected to the song and hits a few impressive notes.  Adam says he’s “beaming with pride.”He calls her “beastly.” He compliments her big sustained notes.

The Voice 2018 Jackie Verna – Live Playoffs: "Once"

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The Voice 2018 Jackie Verna – Live Playoffs: "Tim McGraw"

Jackie Verna sings Lady Antebellum's "American Honey" during knockouts.

The Voice 2018 Blind Audition – Jackie Verna: "Peter Pan"

The Voice 2018 Battle – Jackie Verna vs. Stephanie Skipper: "These Dreams"

Viewers reacted to Jackie Verna Once

Terri Rowe I can't believe Adam didn't chose Reid!!! What are you thinking Adam?

Sarah Stewart Magill Gah! I’m so disappointed DREW is gone. He’s a true ARTIST.

Jill Ording Apparently the only way to stay on is to scream the song the whole time. I'm done with this show but still love Jackie Verna Once tonight

Ashlee Cross Fisher I'm sad Mia wasn't chosen, she has such a powerful emotional voice, she kept getting better and better. Was looking forward to hearing more from her.

Stephanie Hayden Hathaway I thought she was much improved tonight from Monday's performance, but Reid or Drew were more deserving of the save.

Clarissa Garza I'm so sad that Adam didnt pick Reid or Drew!!!! I'm not watching the rest of this season!

Daleann Bass Adam couldn't pick them all, and there will always be someone people disagree on.

Caroline McHugh I'm just glad America saved Rayshun he's been my guy since day 1 this season, still love Jackie Verna Once

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