Jackie Foster Toxic The Voice 2018 Jackie Foster - Top 12: "Toxic"

The Voice 2018 Jackie Foster – Top 12: “Toxic”

Jackie Foster Toxic

We're addicted to Jackie Foster

Jackie Foster sings Britney Spears' "Toxic" during the live top 12 performances.

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Viewers reacted to Jackie Foster Toxic

Jeanne Pett Nielsen There isn't anyone that stands out this season. None of them sing on pitch, all the girls are overrated, so bad. Britton Buchanan is by far the best.

Brad Hutchinson It's strange this season….it's almost like there's something wrong with how the sound is being heard from the TV side. The judges and audience seem to love them, but everyone seems pitchy at some point in every performance. I almost feel like the music itself and the background singers are too loud and the singer's voices are getting muddled in it. There's a noticeable difference in quality this year.

Hilda Downen I'm sitting here listening to the contestants sing, and folks I'm really not too happy with this year's top 12. so far there have been 2 to sing that are pitiful, too much screaming and I don't know what. It is NOT singing. I'm sorry, turning it off. I have been a faithful watcher since seaon 1. this is awful folks. love the coaches and sometimes they're on target and I really like all gendras of music but it seems that the country singers are about the only ones who have got it together. I'm turning it off.

Karen Potter This entire season has been a bust. The best 4 judges ever, In my opinion, the worst talent. The format of this show has been rushed a disgusting. Since I live on the west coast, it's not even on yet, don't eve care to watch it, love Jackie Foster Toxic


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