Jack and Tim receive GOLDEN BUZZER from Simon Cowell!

Jack and Tim Audition

Watch as amazing Father-son duo Jack and Tim score Simon's GOLDEN BUZZER with original song 'Lucky Ones'! 

Viewers reacted to Jack and Tim Audition

Melanie Farlow Jack has already been on the voice kids, and a year in the west end in School of rock, already well known, and were probably asked to appear in the show, Simon most likely will have known.

Juby Alabastro Sumiran Lucky ones indeed for having a great family and love within the family that the song itself manifest. A feel good music and lyrics too! Thanks for sharing all the good feelings in the hearts of many.

Czarina Verzosa Keishintsuki May i know the lyrics? I like the message of the song. I miss my two sons. Yes. We are the lucky one to have each other.

Jason Carter Just shows how rigged the show really is. Like they’ve never seen him on the voice kids or knew he had a lead role in west end school of rock previously.

Mary Tullos Amazing talent! Idk if the show has one of those cheer, clap, or awe signs for the audience, but I hate it when they clap and scream during a performance. Its annoying and very distracting, and you can't hear the talent., love Jack and Tim Audition

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