There should be a federal investigation into 2020 presidential hopeful Joe Biden, and his son Hunter, to determine if they set up a quid-pro-quo agreement with the Ukraine government in an effort to engage in pay-to-play politics, Gregg Jarrett said Saturday.

Jarrett appeared on “Watters’ World” to discuss the $50,000-a-month salary Hunter Biden was receiving as a board member of the Ukrainian gas company Burisma Holdings, and the attempts by his father to stifle an investigation.

“No reasonable person who actually looks at the evidence believes that this wasn’t a quid pro quo that may well have been designed just to benefit Hunter Biden,” he said, “which would make it a violation of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.

“There needs to be an investigation,” he continued. “Compare that to the quid pro quo that doesn’t exist in the [Trump-Ukraine call] — a transcript of which we have, between Trump and [Ukraine President Volodymyr] Zelensky. There’s no demand, there’s no threat, there’s no condition — and the fact that Zelensky himself says, ‘there was no quid pro quo, I didn’t even know about it.’ It’s impossible for there to be a quid pro quo if the recipient of the quid is oblivious to the quo.”

The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act prohibits U.S. bribes to foreign officials in connection with business deals.


2020 Democrat Joe Biden bogged down by questions about son Hunter Biden

Jarrett commented on congressional Democrats switching their terminology from “quid pro quo” to “bribe” during the Trump impeachment inquiry, and claimed there must be an element of quid pro quo for bribery to exist.

He also claimed former President Barack Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran was a more accurate example of bribery than any of the charges being made against Trump.

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“What [House Speaker] Nancy Pelosi doesn’t realize, because she’s not a lawyer is — bribery is quid pro quo,” he added.

“So, without a quid pro quo, there’s no bribery. I’ll tell you what smacks more of bribery — Obama delivering a pallet of cash to the Iranians in exchange for signing a nuclear deal that helped him politically.”