Inspirational Hollie Booth Audion:Pay Tribute to Victims of the Manchester

RISE have everyone in tears with their INCREDIBLE Manchester tribute

Inspirational Hollie Booth Audion

RISE have everyone in tears with their INCREDIBLE Manchester tribute


Dance act RISE performed an incredibly moving routine to pay tribute to victims of the Manchester terror attack. Inspirational Hollie Booth is still dancing after sustaining injuries in the attack that took the life of her aunt and left her seriously injured. Watch as Hollie and her friends do the city proud.

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Nina Babot McEvoy I cried the whole way through! I loved the way all of the girls danced with wheelchairs. Absolutely Brilliant! And so brave of Holly to go back to an arena type place in Manchester! An inspiration xx

Sharon Dickson They are probably an amazing dance group just like the others, but they adapted it to suit the ability of Holly. It was beautiful and made me proud to be a mancunian!! 
All those negative comments from people- put yourselves in that poor girls shoes, she wont ever be able to forget or unsee what she saw that night but has the courage and bravery to put herself in a similar environment and perform. Whether she went through or not that would've been a massive thing for her!! 
Well done girlies!!! 

Tom Tommy Rubbish boring only got through because of circumstances its britains got talent not Britain got sob stories and no way do they ever deserve a golden buzzer stop thinking with ur hearts an think with ur brain the where rubbish end of storie

Nic Elgey I can be doing with these kind of shows but in general I wish people would just get through on merit for what they do and not the sob stories behind them. It is a shame, because mos are so talented that is not seen just the story that comes with it espceially with the voting pubic.

Sophie Shaw Talent is in the eye of the beholder and therefore, if people value personal triumphs and see them as a form of talent (I.e,. internal strength, survival and delivering a positive message), then so be it. 

Claire Lovinglife Potter This made me cry and those t that are so negative ie saying they think it disgusting they made up an entire act etc be in there shoes and then you see through there eyes the unfortunate events that not only physical effect her but the mental effects on her an those friends and family then you may understand why they came together in strength to go on British got talent.

Anthony Shelton Very good and we accept the emotional circumstances, but we seem to have an increasing number of sob stories, and more concerning an increasing number of overseas acts-even the singing vicar with a good voice was "Oirish"-but then "our" Jessie J won the Chinese x-factor so I suppose it evens out!

Comments regarding sob stories are written purely for attention. Pretty sad really, love Inspirational Hollie Booth Audion

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