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‘Insane!’ CNN Legal Analysts Dismantle Santorum’s Bonkers New Trump Defense

Former Sen. Rick Santorum (R-Penn.) attempted a defense of President Donald Trump that’s been used by Republicans before ― but it didn’t go so well on CNN on Tuesday night.

One of his fellow panelists even called it “insane.” 

Santorum suggested that what Trump says isn’t nearly as important as what his administration does.  

“This administration does many things, he doesn’t talk about any of them… he doesn’t talk about policy,” Santorum said. 

“This argument is insane,” legal analyst Carrie Cordero fired back. “You cannot argue that the president of the United States’ words do not matter, or that he’s just sort of spouting off or he has his own views.”   

“I didn’t say they don’t matter,” Santorum said. “But actions matter too.” 

Cordero replied: 

“The president’s words matter and it cannot be that on one hand we’re supposed to take him seriously as the commander in chief and the person who’s running the government and on the other hand his defenders say, ‘it doesn’t matter what he said, ignore all that other crazy.’” 

 But Santorum said 80-90 percent of what Trump says gets ignored. 

“Look at his tweets,” he said. “We ignore most of those things he tweets and say ‘there’s Trump being Trump.’”

CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin took a shot at trying to sum up Santorum’s argument. 

“So your position is he shouldn’t be impeached because he’s surrounded by people who are less corrupt and crazy than he is?” he said. 

Santorum replied that Trump is merely “a little worked up” due to the attacks against him including impeachment.

See more of the discussion below: 

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