Hunter Price First Song “Everything I Do”

The Georgia crooner starts out with a cover of the Bryan Adams hit "(Everything I Do) I Do For You," but Simon requests a different song. Watch Hunter switch tunes and perform his self-penned song "Left Behind."

Thomas Rhett- Die a Happy Man

Hunter Price First Song “Everything I Do”  . This is the Full segment or full performance for this contestant during the America's Got Talent 2018 Auditions or AGT Season 13 Episode 6

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Song choice is everything! The two singer-songwriters leave their hearts on the AGT stage.

It’s a white guy with a guitar from Georgia. And he’s even gonna sing Bryan Adams! She is his mama’s favorite. Simon stops his almost right away, calling the performance “karaoke.” What artist does he admire? Taylor Swift. Simon suggests an original song.He sings “Left Behind.” He’s actually a country singer. Why would he sing Bryan Adams? I smell a set up! Regardless, he’s a good songwriter and delivers a compelling performance. Hm. I wonder where else he’s auditioned? “This is like two different auditions,” says Simon. He wants to know Hunter’s real story. He confesses living hand to mouth sometimes. “You’ve got some depth in you,” says Simon.Howie says no. “You need to open up and come back.” Mel and Heidi disagree. Simon says he’s take “a leap of faith” and say yes. He tells Hunter to “stay real.” – 3 yeses 1 no.

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