Hunter Metts American Idol Auditions, Sings Pretty Giri Tonight

Hunter Metts American Idol 2021 Performances

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Falling Slowly by Glen Hansard & Markéta Irglová (from Once) – Bobby remembers Hunter being a bundle of nerves in the beginning. Bobby has him rehearse his song in front of a mirror, to help him look more confident.  It’s a perfect song for Hunter. I love his trembly tone. And he always delivers a song with sincerity.

Watch Hunter Metts American Idol performance 

Hunter Metts – You’ll Be In My Heart from Tarzan – Hunter says he was super emotional last time because he thought messing up the words would send him home. His song choice is him mom’s favorite. His family surprised him, and it was super overwhelming! The family used to visit Disney World together. Hunter’s performance is sweet and tender. He’s not as intensely connected as he was last time. Maybe he was afraid to let loose? But he did go for it at the end. Katy tells him to “keep taking those leaps.” Luke calls his voice “recognizable.”

I’m always on his side. He hits the high notes in his falsetto beautifully. His phrasing on the last verse was perfect. But then he becomes emotional and allows it to overcome him, forgetting lyrics RIGHT AT THE END. He looks embarrassed. C’mon dude, you HAD THAT. He’s crying. LIKE REALLY CRYING. He’s crying so damn hard. Katy tells him it was beautiful, he connected, he was so involved he forgot where he was. Luke calls his performance intense.

“You took me on a crazy ride….you could do no wrong in that moment.” He compliments his falsettos. HUNTER IS STILL CRYING. I’m a cynical Beyotch, and in this moment I WANT TO MOTHER HIM. He’s getting a gazillion votes tonight. Ryan asks him what he’s thinking “I wish I didn’t mess up.”  OMG Graham DeFranco is with Hunter’s family!

Former softw. Third time’s the charm for Hunter Metts! After previously auditioning for American Idol two times before, Hunter sends Katy Perry into “Mission Impossible mode” with his rendition of “All The Pretty Girls” by KALEO. Luke Bryan gets the “real deal chills” from Hunter’s voice, and Lionel Richie assures Hunter “all you have to do is stay in your lane and take us on your journey.” Will another “top 10” prediction from the judges be too much pressure for Hunter to handle?!are engineer. Future AmericanIdol. Could Hunter Metts be Top 10 worthy

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All the Pretty Girls by Kaleo – 22 – Franklin TN – Software Engineer – Both Hunter and Luke worked at the Franklin Chop House! We previewed Hunter’s audition yesterday.  Hunter’s sister Maddy came along to the audition with Hunter.

He’s a software engineer. But only due to lack of confidence. It’s his third try at Idol. Oh wow. He couldn’t pass before because of his sister’s employment at Disney. SHE QUIT HER JOB SO HE COULD AUDITION. Wow. Hunter has a gorgeous, high tone. But he does this thing where he audibly sucks in his breath between breaks. It’s a little distracting? But that tone is undeniable. He’s also a passionate performer.  Luke got the “real deal chills.” Katy is on her way to Mars, or something. The judges invite Maddy into the room. Luke yells at Maddy for not quitting her job sooner. Katy and Luke think Hunter is Top 10. Along with so many others! Hunter is done with playing it safe

Viewer react to Hunter Metts American Idol performance tonight

David Jung
Yes i think he is good, however, lets see what else he can do. Good luck.Is that his real voice? Love those lil gutteral catches in his vocal. Very interesting sound and nice intensity to the performance. Kudos!

He is good. It was hard to really hear him over that loud guitar strumming. I am not sure about top 10. But good luck on his journey! He will need to check his song choices and find his lane.

Tiffany Sensabaugh
I want to hear him without the guitar. Am I missing something here? Alto voice. So overdone. Good singer clearly but surely there’s better out there?! Wait till a tenor comes and sings. There’s must be one this season…

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