Hunter Gibson American Idol Audition Performances Live Video

Hunter Gibson Sings Swing Swing on American Idol 2020

Hunter Gibson American Idol

Hunter Gibson American Idol Audition
Hunter Gibson on American Idol Audition

American Idol Season 18 Starts on Sunday Feb 16. Hunter is one of the 10 contestants performance on American Idol premire

Hunter Gibson – 23 – Swing Swing by the All American Rejects – He’s a “self described emo guy,” according to a local news interview he uploaded on Instagram. His style is pop/punk. He calls himself “The Comeback.” OK then. He walks into the holding room like a crazy man. HELLO JOKE CONTESTANT. Of course, he’s pretty terrible. How many off key notes can one singer fit into a song? A bunch, it turns out. He’s a Chris Cabrera knock off, only with super bad singing. Katy begins singing along with him. And we think he’s done…but nope. He keeps singing! Katy isn’t sure if Emo has made enough of a comeback, She would go see him in a show…but the vocals aren’t there. To say the least. – 3 nos.

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” game over for the censored youth of the future. I already see it happening. bye. back to sleep i go.”

He’s a “self described emo guy,”

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through thick and thin i got you

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Hunter Gibson sang on American Idol Audition tonight

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