America's Got Talent 2018 Human Fountains Quarterfinals Performance

Human Fountains WILD CARDS Hotdogs & Champagne Quarterfinals 1 America’s Got Talent 2018 AGT

Human Fountains  Quarterfinals

 Frat Boys Spitting Water at Each Other – Human Fountains were chosen as a wild card. Simon called the act, in which dude bros spit water like a fountain and into each other’s mouths, is stupid, but he brought them back anyway! GROSS they spit mustard and ketchup onto a hotdog (spit into a bun) and one of the guys eats it. I suppose using an Il Divo song is meant to impress Simon. Nope. He buzzes them. But you know he loves it deep down inside. “It’s the most stupid act we’ve had on the finals of AGT.” Howie says the lesson is, “Sharing is caring.” Mel B says “You are something to remember” as Howie spits water on her. “But you are original and you will be remember.” Heidi says, “Just when I thought it wouldn’t get more ridiculous, the wiener comes out. But I kind of like it.” Blech. 

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