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How Fiona Became an International Celebrity.

Fiona’s journey to stardom began in the womb. She was the first Nile hippo set to be born at the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden in 75 years.

But Fiona almost didn’t make it. In the middle of the night, her mother, Bibi, went into labor dangerously early on Jan. 24, 2017.

How Fiona became an international celebrity. #TBT

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Fiona weighed just 29 pounds. A typical newborn baby hippo weighs between 55 to 120 pounds.

Today, Fiona is happy, healthy and hefty. She will celebrate her first birthday on Jan. 24, and she is the smallest hippo on record to have ever been born and survive.

Fiona gives her Mom a little peck.

Propelling to the surface

Lots of activity at Hippo Cove. Hippos can't actually float or swim. They push off the bottom and propel themselves to the surface for air. Adult hippos can hold their breath for up to 5 minutes.

These two have so much fun together!

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Viewers reacted:

Michèle Pignarre Wronski As Fiona grows into adulthood I cannot help but wish that she and Bibi had a <much> larger pool& home.

Janet Knost Mowl Before Fiona I really never felt like I saw a hippo because of this

Lois Yager When my sinuses are really bad I fill a very warm tub and "go hippo" so my nostrils and occasionally my eyes are the only things out of the water. VERY soothing. 

Aj Albanese After Fiona kissed Bibi, it looked like Bibi smiled on the side of her mouth by the glass LOL probably not but it looked cute!

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