New Close-Up Photo Shows Just How Bad Tom Brady’s Hand Injury Was Before Super Bowl

The mystery of the extent of Tom Brady’s hand injury was the most pressing topic leading up to Super Bowl LII.

Weeks after the game, we now have a close up photo of the gash, which required 12 stitches. 

How Bad Tom Brady’s Hand Injury Before Super Bowl Showed

Viewers reacted to Tom Brady’s Hand Injury 

Tony V Lee Porrazzo Still didn't effect the game becuase he played just as good as he always does. Cut hand or no cut hand they lose that game because they're defense couldn't get a stop to save their soul

George Sniadoski That's what all that talk was about? If that's all the banged up you get playing football, you're lucky… That's nothing.

Jordan Hyland Pats fans be like "GOAT Brady would've thrown for 1200 yards and 18 TD's if he didn't cut his hand!!!"

Dan Coffey haha  Tom Brady’s Hand Injury  He still wouldn’t have caught that ball if his hand was healed and 20 times bigger

David A Litz I bet if they would have won they wouldn't be showing this picture he's just a crybaby making excuses

Brian Clasen That mf still put up like 500 yards. Out there goating around

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