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Have you ever seen a dog crying?

Catherine Limansky – who also went on behalf of Katie Brown on her Facebook page – was found guilty of cruelty to animals yesterday at the Wick County Court in North Carolina. The judge imposed a year of supervision under supervision, but he suspended the sentence.

The case of Lemansky reminds us in a frightening way of the memory of Kimberly Anne Howell, who claimed to have closed her dog’s muzzle as a “joke.” Howell was also brutally convicted in North Carolina last December. Of particular concern is the case of Caitlyn, an SC dog who suffered permanent scars after her head was discouraged by an electric strip for at least 48 hours. The case against the former Caitlyn owner remains pending.

investigated the Lemansky case after a three-state investigation found that the picture had originated from that region. She told Lemansky Smith that it was all a joke and that the picture was only meant to be sent to her son. Instead, it appeared in your public news release on Facebook with a caption saying:

This is what happens when you do not shut up !!!

Despite attempts by Lehmansky to shed light on the situation, the animal welfare community and the authorities were not laughing. Smith visited the house shortly after the incident and found that the dog was in good spirits

without any signs of injury, swelling or hair loss. Lemansky stated that the adhesive tape was only on the brown muzzle (dog) for 15-20 seconds. Smith eventually decided that the situation did not justify removing the dog from the house, but the case against Lemansky still had to proceed.


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