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Hasani the Giraffe Steps Outside for The First Time

Our baby giraffe now has a name! The little giraffe will be called Hasani, which means handsome in Swahili and was also the name of the baby giraffe’s paternal grandfather. The name was chosen by zoo staff—a fitting name for our beautiful calf who has already stolen hearts across the Pacific Northwest and beyond. Hasani also received a new pair of custom-made therapeutic shoes. These shoes will do the heavy lifting in the next phase of treatment for the baby’s rear legs

Baby giraffe Hasani steps outside for the first time, wearing his sweet new therapeutic shoes. Thanks to his team of dedicated animal keepers and animal health staff, the little giraffe (who was born with a rear leg condition) has a better chance at thriving—and he's already getting lots of exercise

Here, Woodland Park Zoo associate veterinarian Dr. Tim Storms adjusts the baby's new shoes. A week ago, Woodland Park Zoo’s exhibits team constructed therapeutic shoes on a trial basis for the baby giraffe. Meanwhile, the zoo’s veterinary team consulted with a Kentucky-based equine veterinarian who specializes in foot conditions. He visited the zoo to evaluate the calf, and crafted new custom shoes based on the zoo’s specifications. He modified a design that he has used to successfully treat numerous foals with the same condition. The shoes will do the heavy lifting in the next phase of treatment of the baby’s rear leg abnormalities.

Here is an up close of the new shoes being adjusted into place. Hasani's leg bandages were removed as part of the next phase of treatment. “Though they provided important support initially, removing the bandages is an essential next step to allow the flexor tendons to strengthen unimpeded. While the bandaging is gone, the kinesiology tape remains in place for now to help stimulate and support his leg muscles,” explains associate veterinarian Dr. Tim Storms.

Dr. Tim Storms.

Hello Hasani! The little calf stands tall next to mom, Olivia in the morning light of the giraffe barn. His custom-made shoes help support his legs and guide alignment.

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