America's Got Talent 2018 Hans Audition Performance

Hans: German Brings “It’s Raining Men” Extravaganza To America – America’s Got Talent 2018

We're lucky to have the international superstar, sex symbol, accordian, songwriter, Madonna fan: Hans! Watch his fabulous performance!

Fake German accent! He’s channeling the Gabor sisters…or something.  He sings a “good old fashioned German sing along.” Oh gosh. It’s “Proud Mary” with a German accent. This is pretty bonkers. There’s tap dancing! Ok I am actually laughing. I think Hans needs to advance, dahlings. The audience gives him a standing ovation! Howie an’t stop smiling. Mel’s heart feels warm. Heidi says she’s proud of him in German. Which he actually doesn’t understand. Simon compares him to a horror movie…that he likes. – 4 yeses

International Superstar! Hans is fabulous. And he has a crush on Simon. “I am just a little german boy, sitting in front of a music mogul, asking him to love me.” This time he sits at a piano. For a few seconds before busting out into “It’s Raining Men.” He strips down to short shorts and brings on the accordion. What the heck.  He was better the first time. Heidi likes that he crams so much into his act. “You’re the gift that keeps on giving,” says Mel. “You managed to make it even worse than the first audition…cut there’s something compelling about you.” Hans shows off his butt just to illustrate. 

Hans the accordionist singer and dancer wows Simon and the audience. Olivia Munn as the guest judge

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