Hannity Show 8/27/2018 Trump in Great Shape When it Comes to the Law

Hannity 8/27/2018: Trump in great shape when it comes to the law

On 'Hannity,' host of 'Life, Liberty & Levin' sounds off about Mueller's never-ending witch hunt and previews Bruce Ohr's testimony.

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Viewer reactions:

Robert Mueller is a cog that assisted Hillary Clinton along with Alexander Downer and several others in colluding with Russia, Ukraine, and Iran. He along with Hillary's inner circle should be the ones under investigation.

Hire not just 5 or 6 litigators to go after unscrupulous Deep State prosecutors. President Trump should setup a shadow Justice Department to go after the shadow government that was created to go after him.

So much whining from Fox "News" and the bobbleheads. Years you spent "investigating" Benghazi mostly to damage a political opponent

The leftists are a bunch of butt hurt losers that are worried they will be exposed for the crimes they committed under BHO and his crimes being exposed too

The libs would really care about all this if it was done to a democrat. There would be non stop coverage by the media. but libs don't care for truth only what they want.

It's not about if democrats or republican control the house or senate ….it's about if he should be impeach or not . Now trump can obstruct justice ….your wrong

I wonder if Bernie Sanders donors knew that the the money they sent in to support their candidate was being paid to Fusion GPS for this VERY expensive piece of opposition research fabrication. Fusion GPS, Perkins Coie, Nellie and Bruce Ohr, Christopher Steele and others were pulling in big $$$ laundered through the DNC via the Clinton campaign

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