Sean Hannity November 15, 2018 Tonight

The "snowflakes" generation are afraid to "adult", get married, and have children because that means they must work hard and take responsibility for their own lives. The snowflakes would rather a government nanny take care of their every need.

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Caren Oswald It’s too bad they didn’t share his whole segment because it was focused on both parties and not just one! It was a good segment. I don’t usually watch him much any more. Glad I caught his show last night. When you only post a small portion you are not getting the whole picture. He called out Democrats as well!

Rj Carney Yea they should but what happened to repeal and replace? And now they want to rape Social Security Medicare and Medicaid to pay for thier tax cut! Yea they should but they wolnt.

Judith Henderson I hear Tucker Carlson's home is being threatened by circling ANTIFA chanting "we know where you live" and other scary things to wife and children, Tucker is at work. Isn't there a law that would go against these punks?

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