Hannity: Dems don’t care about evidence or due process

Democrats treat allegations against Judge Kavanaugh as a political game.

As FBI reportedly wraps up its investigation into Kavanaugh, Newt Gingrich says on 'Hannity' that he feels it is likely Kavanaugh will be confirmed.

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Viewer reactions:

Michael Hooper You know what great is ? Watching the Democrats self destruct a month before the election. Americans know these women lied, they know Democrats supported it and even are condoning it, and they know they deliberately are destroying a man's career, his family, and his life's dream all for their skewed politics. Democrats have now assured a loss ion November and I couldn't be happier, Americans will be voting in droves, but just not for Democrats.

Deborah Balsbaugh Navy veteran, pled out of sexually abusing children shortly after he left the Navy, and later ended up serving 2 and 1/2 years on a later assault charge. This is what we get when we allow white men to act out on their anger instead of control it.

Lynda Dunn Saveski The liberal menace must be defeated completely and removed from our schools and universities for the sake of our youth! No more revisionist history, no more sexualizing children, no more preaching socialism! Enough! Time to take it all back and turn the priority back to decency, order, morality and justice!

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